Rhinebeck Bus Trip 2014

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Ten Things I Did This Weekend

Memorial Day weekend.  It was nice to have a day off of work, and, since I'm now full-time, that day was a paid day off.  Yay!  The weekend felt like it had two Saturdays (which are my favorite day of the week), so that was great.  Here's what I did this past weekend:

1.  Slept in.  Sleeping in, for me, means waking up when I'm ready to wake up.  With no alarm.  I usually wake up around the same time I normally do, but I'm much happier about waking when I don't have an alarm telling me to get up.

2.  Ate.  I ate fairly well this weekend.  I'm vegetarian, so I don't look forward to holiday weekends because of grilled meat.  But, I had good breakfasts, and managed to eat several times each day (time tends to slip away from me and I kind of forget to eat). 

3.  Watermelon and cantaloupe.  Yes, I know these are food.  But because these were the first of the season for us, they are their own category.  I love cantaloupe.  Watermelon, I like if it's ripe and not mushy.  We actually had two watermelons this weekend.  The first one was so good that we finished it the day it was cut.  So we got another one, which was also really good.  The cantaloupe was also excellent.  We're spoiled by living in Lancaster County.  There are so many places around here to get good, perfectly ripe cantaloupe, that I just can't tolerate cantaloupe that's not perfectly ripe.

4.  New canopy.  We have a new canopy that we put up for the first time.  It's a Coleman 10x10 sun shade/canopy thing.  I love it.  My daughter & I spent most of Monday out in the back yard, under the canopy.

5.  Read.  When the weekend started, I was close to the beginning of Beautiful Wreck, by Larissa Brown.  I finished that book this weekend.  It is SO good!  It's about a woman who time travels back a 1,000 years, to a Viking community.  It's really good.  The author describes things in so much detail that you feel like you're there, in that Viking community.  Whenever I would stop reading it, I was a little surprised to find that I was not living among Vikings.

6.  Knit.  I'm knitting the Irene Adler shawl and I have a deadline.  I did a good bit of knitting on that shawl this weekend (although Beautiful Wreck distracted me a lot).  I am loving this shawl!  Every row or two, I have to stop and look at, and marvel at, the pattern.  I love the pattern, love the yarn, love the colors.  Knitting outside was helpful because of the natural light  (43-year old eyes, lace weight yarn, and somewhat dark colors aren't a good combination in indoor lighting).

Here's a picture of part of it (shawls-in-progress really are not easy to photograph).

7.  Movie night.  I had a movie night with my bff.  We used to go out to movies pretty frequently, but he now has a toddler (and we're both pretty broke), so we have movie night at his house.  I bring the popcorn, he supplies the movies.  It's a win-win situation.

8.  Selfie Sunday.  My daughter & I were out in the yard Sunday afternoon/evening (knitting, reading, etc) and we decided to take selfies.  We took 100.  Some were crazy, some were just smiling.  It was fun.  I posted some of them to facebook.

Hmm...I don't think I have a 9 & 10.  It was a very low-key type of weekend (which I love).  I thought it was wonderful - but it's not very exciting to talk about. 

Oh, I do always spend some time remembering our service personnel who lost their lives.  I guess that's my number 9.

What was your weekend like?


  1. It sounds like you weekend was perfect, even without a #10. Irene Adler looks lovely and your yarn is stunning! What are you using? I perused the projects on Ravelry but couldn't find you. :)

    1. Bonny, the yarn is Madeline Tosh, Tosh lace. The color is Spectrum. It's my ideal color - it has blues, purples and greens and reminds me of the ocean in some beautiful location. I'm Hlthyskin4u on Ravelry, but I'm very bad about updating Ravelry.

  2. Lovely weekend! Isn't knitting in the outdoors so wonderful? I love being under a canopy. We had one but sadly the wind tore it down. They just don't seem to last very long with us!

    1. Donna, we take the canopy down each time - we don't leave it up overnight. But you're right - the wind & weather can take a toll on those things.

  3. Wasn't Beautiful Wreck great? I absolutely tore thru that book and sounds like you did too! A great weekend at your end!

    1. Anne, I was ready to become a Viking after reading that book!

  4. I had a lovely weekend even though my mother was out if town and my son had to go to work. I had time alone which rarely happens.

    Your shawl is coming along and it looks so pretty. The color is amazing.
    Will you be gifting or keeping it?