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Monday, June 2, 2014

It's June, and Time for a Mystery!

Happy June!  In 2 1/2 weeks, it'll be summer.  Yes.  I know that many people consider Memorial Day weekend to be the start of summer.  I don't.

My daughter has 3 1/2 days of school left.  The last day was supposed to be 5/30, but this past winter happened, and that's all we'll say about winter.  Because I'm OVER. THE. ICE!

So, I signed up for a Mystery Shawl.  I love mystery patterns!  This is where the pattern is sent to you in installments.  You are told what your gauge should be, and given a yarn suggestion, but you don't know what the end result looks like.  I enjoy the not knowing exactly what the end result will be.  Yeah, I live on the edge like that.

I ordered the yarn that the pattern designer used.  It's a gradient kit.  Is it just me?  I love gradient kits!  The colorway is called "Pine".

This yarn is so soft!  I can't wait to start the shawl!  Because I'm still working on the Irene Adler shawl (& because I have a deadline for that), I haven't even knit the swatch for the Mystery Shawl yet.  I looked at, and petted this yarn most of the weekend.  The yarn is from Black Trillium Fibres & is the Pebble Sock yarn.  I can tell that I will love working with this yarn.  The service was excellent - my yarn was shipped the same day I ordered it.  I only have two of the hanks wound into balls because I made myself leave that yarn alone and work on the Irene Adler shawl.  I am still loving Irene Adler, it's just that I kind of have ADD when it comes to knitting.

This past weekend, there was an almost one-year old, a two year-old, 2 three year-olds, and a four year-old at my house (not all at the same time).  Yes, 5 children from between Friday & Sunday.  We spent most of the weekend in the backyard, under the canopy.  The kids had a ball.  My daughter & I (well, mostly my daughter) are getting pretty good at wearing kids out in the backyard.  We keep them running.  And then they sleep really well for their parents.

Here are some pictures we took with one of the three year-olds.  These are CJ's first selfies (he had to "push" the button to take the pictures):

Some of the pictures were...interesting.
Some were so cute.
Some were silly.
It was a good weekend!
How was your weekend?

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