Rhinebeck Bus Trip 2014

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Ten on Tuesday - the Concert Edition

Today's Ten on Tuesday topic is: 10 Bands or Individuals You Have Seen in Concert.  I really haven't been to a lot of concerts in my lifetime.  I went to more when I lived in San Diego than I do now that I live in PA.  To attend a concert here, I'd have to drive to Philly or to Hershey or Baltimore.  It's rare that I want to see someone bad enough to do that. 

I was thinking about the people I saw in concert & I realized that I attended quite a few because someone else wanted to see them.  I know I'm forgetting some (because they weren't concerts I wanted to see).  When I was in junior high & the first year of high school, my family had a membership to the San Diego Zoo (which included the Wild Animal Park).  The Zoo & the Wild Animal Park often offered concerts & we would go see them.

Here's my list:

1.  Olivia Newton John.  This was my first concert.  It was the "Physical" tour, but I had been an ONJ fan for years before Physical came out.

2.  Timex Social Club.  They had one hit - "Rumors".  Then the group broke up and some of the group formed Club Nouveau.

3.  LL Cool J.  This was back in the day, when his first album was out and he was a skinny boy.  He only had one hit at the time I saw him in concert.

4.  Whodini.  This was when "Funky Beat" was out.

5.  Run DMC.  This concert was the Fresh Fest concert and #2-5 were all in the same concert.  Run DMC was the last group, and the most famous (at that time).

6.  The Jets.  I saw them in concert twice - in the same summer.  The first time was at the Del Mar Fair in San Diego.  The second, at Hershey Park, in Hershey, PA.  This was the summer that we moved from San Diego to Lancaster, PA.

7.  Jermaine Jackson.  This concert was also at the Del Mar Fair.  The same summer I saw the Jets there.  Jermaine had a hit that summer.

8.  Color Me Badd.  A friend of mine won tickets to this concert.  It was at the York Fair (York, PA).  I know they only had a few hits.  But I liked their songs. 

9.  Vanilla Ice.  This is a concert that I went to because a friend of mine asked me to go with her.  I'm not a big Vanilla Ice fan.

10.  Little Richard.  This is a concert I saw at the Wild Animal Park (San Diego) and was one I went to because my parents wanted to go to it.  We saw many other concerts at the Wild Animal Park, but I don't remember them.  We also saw the Fifth Dimension at the San Diego Zoo.

The concert I'd LOVE to see is Prince.  Prince is my all-time favorite artist.  If I had to pick just one artist to listen to for the rest of my life, it would be him.  He has SO many songs.  I know that most people know of "Purple Rain", but he has so many more, and is still making music.  And let's not even get into the hits he wrote that other people sang!

There's my list.  Who have you seen in concert?


  1. You made me remember a bunch that I left off my list - Color Me Bad, Paula Abdul, Chaka Khan, and I didn't see them but I do remember Timex Social Club.

  2. This has been one of my favorite of all the 10 on Tuesdays that I've done...so fun reading who other's have seen live and how varied everyone's concert attendance has been! :)

  3. Prince would have been great to see! Your list and mine show a distinct age difference! ;-) There are several there I've never even heard of!