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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Ten Thoughts on Daylight Savings Time

Today's Ten on Tuesday topic is Ten Thoughts on Daylight Savings Time.  Here are mine:

1.  YAY!!!!  An extra hour of sleep!  I look forward to this day the rest of the year.  When we "spring forward" & lose an hour of sleep, I am messed up for several weeks.  I'm tired, I feel off.  It's horrible.  And the "extra" daylight doesn't make me feel any better about losing an hour - especially an hour of sleep! 

Apparently "losing" time is very hard for me.  Whenever I travel from PA to CA, I'm fine going to California & "gaining" 3 hours.  But when I have to come back to Pennsylvania & "lose" 3 hours?  It messes me up.  Every. Time.

2.  I have a hard time remembering which devices automatically change the time & which I have to change.  I "think" I know that my cell phone changes automatically, but then I always worry that I'm wrong and that I'll show up somewhere the next day at the wrong time.

I used to have this clock radio that I bought in the 90's.  It automatically changed the time when it needed to.  That was great until the Powers That Be changed when we change our clocks.  After that, the clock radio would change whenever it was programmed to, and I'd have to correct it, only to change it manually weeks later when it was (the new) time to change clocks.  I ended up getting rid of that clock radio.  It was too confusing.

3.  Generally, I love the start of Fall & even the thought of Winter.  I live in South Central Pennsylvania and we just don't get hard winters.  We have (maybe) two snow storms per Winter.  As a child, I live in North Chicago for three years.  North Chicago has some Winter weather!

Fall, and Winter, for me, are cozy times.  I love sitting in my house, cozy (usually wrapped in blankets because our house is on the chilly side), knitting or reading.  Maybe drinking a cup of hot tea.  Relaxing.  I love to watch the Lord of the Rings movies and knit (all day).  I don't have a big need to be out around a lot of people, so staying home, with my family, is great.  I always hope for a really good snow storm that shuts the county down, so that my daughter is off of school and I'm off of work and we can spend a cozy day at home.

4.  Last night I left work around 6:00 and it was so dark!  I felt like I was going home at midnight or something.  The darkness does make it  seem much later than it really is.  This is a little unnerving for me, mainly because I don't have a very good concept of time anyway.  For instance, I have no idea (unless I'm specifically looking at a clock) if 5 minutes have passed, or if an hour has passed.  So, early darkness makes it even harder for me to know what time it is.

5.  Every year, I wonder why do we change the time?!?  I don't think we should.  I think the time should be the time, and should never be changed. 

On facebook the other day, I saw a saying that went something like this:  only the government could cut off the top of a blanket, sew it to the bottom, and say that the blanket is now longer.

6.  The day after the time changes, when I get in my car, I realize I have to change the clock in my car.  Then I wonder if I remember how to do it.  I spend a few minutes thinking about this, then I realize that I do know how to change the time and that it isn't as difficult as I thought.  I go through this every time we change the time. 

7.  When I get to work, I realize I have to change the time on the office phones and on the wall clock.  The wall clock is simple.  I need the manual to change the time on the office phones.  It's annoying.

8.  Worry.  I always worry that I have the wrong day.  You know, do I change the time Saturday night or Sunday night.  Am I sure I have the right night? 

9.  Sometimes I stay awake, watching my cell phone, so that I can see the time change (so that I know for sure that it changes itself, and that I have the right day).

10.  Despite all of the worries that come along with changing time, I like Daylight Savings Time. Extra sleep, a perfect time of year for knitting.  Those things really cancel out any negative thoughts I have about changing time.

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  1. I wish the clocks wouldn't change, but it would be nice if employers would change their start times to coincide with daylight.

    My perfect cold weather 'activity' is a cup of tea, a blanket on the sofa, knitting in my lap and The Lord of the Rings on TV.