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Thursday, April 3, 2014

The Reveal

This week's Ten on Tuesday was fun for me.  I've done this type of thing (tell 2 truths and 1 lie about yourself) many times as an "ice breaker" or "get to know you" type exercise (in trainings, staff meetings, etc.).  I usually dislike ice breaker-type activities, but this one I like.  I think it's because I have control over what I let others know.  Anyway, here are the answers to my April Fools Ten on Tuesday:

1.  I was born in Key West - at Key West Naval Hospital.
2.  I did go to three schools (in two states) for third grade.  It was the year that my family was moving from Great Lakes, IL to California.  My Mom & I stayed in PA, with her parents, while my Dad went to CA and got us a house and car & started work.  Then we joined him.  So, I started third grade in PA, then we moved to Long Beach, CA, where we lived for 6 months while my Dad's ship was in dry dock.  After that, we moved to Imperial Beach (San Diego County), CA.  We lived there until I was in high school.
3.  I do not love steak.  I don't eat meat at all.
4.  Summer is not my favorite month - especially in PA.  I hate the heat and I hate the humidity.  I love Fall.
5.  I am an only child.
6.  Neither of my grandmothers knit.  A great-aunt tried to teach me when I was 17 or 18.  She is right-handed and had a really hard time teaching me (I am left-handed).  I have since learned that many right-handed people think that left-handed people need to knit differently.  The fact is that everyone holds one needle in their left hand and one in their right.  So left-handed knitters don't have to knit any differently than right-handed knitters.  Then, when I was in my 30's, I read Debbie Macomber's Blossom Street books, was enchanted, and decided to learn to knit.  I learned by watching an episode of Knitty Gritty that Vickie Square was on.  I knew of Vickie because I had this book.
7.  Like Jack Reacher, the hardest question for me to answer is "where are you from?"  I was born in FL, and grew up all over the country.  We moved every three years or so.  I don't know how to determine where I'm from.
8.  Pink is not my favorite color.  In fact, I very much dislike it.  And don't even get me started on how all things marketed towards girls and women have to be pink!  Blue is my favorite color, although, as I get older I select greens a lot.  The fact is, it's hard for me to pick "favorite" things.  Especially colors.  I like so many colors!
9.  I do not like to talk on the phone.  I am so glad I live in a time where there's email and texting!  I talk on the phone for work, but rarely outside of work.  I believe it's part of being an introvert.
10.  I am so not a project knitter!  I never only have one project on the needles and have many UFO's.  I am a total process knitter.

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  1. OK, so I got one right. The rest I would have had to guess at, although I almost answered the process or product knitter as a process knitter. I wonder if I know 10 things about myself that the readers would also know ...