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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Things I Like to Do Outside

Today's Ten on Tuesday topic is: 10 Things You Like to Do Outside.  Here's my list:

1.  Read.
2.  Knit.
3.  Mommy/Baby Adventure with my daughter.  This often consists of reading and/or knitting, but not always.  Sometimes it involves photography.  Sometimes we see things like hot air balloons landing.  Sometimes we just walk and talk.  The "adventure" part is our little joke, because we're not all that adventurous (by most people's standards).

4.  Camp.  I enjoy camping.  Last year, I discovered Assateague, which is beach camping, and now I dream of Assateague.  I grew up in San Diego, so beach camping was the norm (when I was in Girl Scouts).  Sure, I also camped in the mountains and in the high desert, but I love beach camping!  Especially now that I live in PA (I miss being close to an ocean!).  Sadly, we are unable to go to Assateague this year, so I'll have to wait til 2015 for my Assateague fix.
5.  Sit.  I love to sit outside.  Preferably, near water (a stream, creek, river, pond, whatever).  It's very peaceful for me.
6.  Hike.  Ok, by "hike", I mean walk on a fairly level, well established trail.  Like this one.
7.  Playground.  When my daughter was young, I would take her to one of the playgrounds nearby.  I love watching kids have fun.
8.  Garden.  I'm more of a planter than a person who actually takes care of the garden.  Part of that is that I hate the heat/humidity that is Spring/Summer in South Central PA.  When my eyelids stick and I feel like I'm sweating just because I'm exerting myself by breathing, I have no desire to be outside, picking crops and watering things and pulling weeds.
9.  Swim.  By "swim", I mean play in water.  The ocean, or a lake is fine by me.  I don't spend time in the rivers around here (snakes), but there is a man-made lake close to us that's nice to go to.  I also like pools.
10.  Baseball.  We have a minor league baseball team in Lancaster (the Barnstormers).  I enjoy going to games.  I'm not really into sports, so I only go to games occasionally.

What do you like to do outside?

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