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Friday, January 10, 2014

Happy New Year!

I'm not sure how it happens, but time seems to speed up once it becomes December.  Before you know it, you're in a new year.  And then, for me, before I know it, it's my mom's birthday (1/14).  Remember when you were a kid and time went by slower??

Anyway.  Happy New Year!  How's 2014 treating you, so far?  Do you make resolutions, or goals for the new year?  I don't.  I have things that I work on all year long.  Those things don't change just because the year did. 

Having said that, I did make a mental note to knit more this year.  Summer always seems to be the death of my knitting.  We have no central air or air conditioners in my house, so it gets very hot in the summertime.  With the heat (& humidity), I can't even look at fiber, let alone touch it!

Fall & Winter always excite me because they are seasons where I feel like knitting.  I long to be snowed in for a few days so that I can just knit, and read.  I also love wearing my hand-knit items.  They were really put to use at the beginning of this week when the temperature felt like it was -35 degrees.  I was so thankful for them, because they kept me comfortable in that bitter cold weather.

Here are some of my recent finished items:

A thrummed mitten.  No.  Not a pair.  Just the one.  I was wishing I had the other one finished when it was so cold because regular gloves/mittens were not very effective in the extreme cold.
Here's the inside of the mitten.  That fiber is merino.  I bought it last year, intending to spin it.  When I decided to make the thrummed mittens, I thought that the colors would go well with the brown yarn I already had (Paton's Classic Merino).
I also made two of these mini watchcaps.  You knit them, attach a tag to them, and leave them in a public place.  They raise awareness for the mariners.  Check out Seamen's Church website to learn more.
Here's a Mobius scarf that I finished last night.  It's knit in Capra yarn, from KnitPicks.  I bought the yarn a while ago, when it was on clearance.  At the time, I had no plan for it.  This scarf is a gift for someone.  I have to tell you, last night, I tried it on...it is so soft and cushy and warm!  I'm going to have a hard time letting go of it.  Thankfully, I have several more balls of this yarn.  Sorry for the crappy iPhone/desk/sideways picture. 
Here's a close-up picture of the scarf:
The scarf was no particular pattern - just me, playing around with different stitches.  I did add ribbing to the outer edge & I really like that.  I did k1, p2.  I would probably reverse it: p1, k2.  Overall, I'm very happy with this scarf. 
That's all I have, for now.  I still have a sweater to finish (only the sleeves are left), a thrummed mitten, and last night I cast on for the Yarn Harlot's Unoriginal Hat.
Make it a great day!

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  1. Looks like 2014 is starting out on a positive note for your knitting! I love that mitten, and for your sake (and because more cold weather will be upon us), I hope you finish the second one soon.