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Monday, October 28, 2013

A Busy Weekend

When I was 19 or 20, I took the Myers Briggs personality assessment as part of an intensive training at work (I worked for a bank).  I scored pretty extreme in the Introvert category (I am an INFP, for those of you who are interested).  This means that I get energized by spending time alone.  Extroverts are energized when they spend time with lots of people.  An example of this is going to clubs or parties.  An extrovert will feel energized and excited and ready to do more things after these events.  An introvert will feel drained of energy - ready to sleep.  That's me - too much social interaction leaves me exhausted.

So, and ideal weekend for me is one where I have lots of time to myself.  I love it when I can "sleep in" on a Saturday.  By sleep in, I mean, wake up whenever I am ready to wake up, without an alarm clock.  Once I wake up, I read and/or knit.  Maybe, eventually, I'll take a shower and get dressed, but not always.  And my ideal Saturday usually doesn't involve going anywhere - except maybe to the park with my daughter (to read & knit).

When I have a weekend with a lot of  (social-type) things going on, I think about it all week.  And I think about how tired it'll make me.  I try to figure out when I'll get some alone time in order to re-charge.

This past weekend was a very busy weekend and I woke up this morning feeling tired and like I needed a vacation.  Overall, it was a pretty good weekend, but it was tiring for me. 

My daughter was at a sleepover Friday night, so I had to pick her up Saturday morning.  Saturday evening, she had a Halloween party to attend, so I took her there (spent some time talking to the other parents of kids who were at the party - these were people I had never met), and picked her up.  In the few hours that she was at the party, my Mom & I went out to eat (another event around lots of people).  Sunday was church.  My daughter was confirmed & there was a "coffee social" after the service (which required social interaction).  We went out for lunch, came home & had about an hour & a half before we had to be back at church for Youth Group.  I took an hour-long nap (which helped a little).  Then we get to Youth Group and have to do "fun" social things like talk about ourselves and pray (out loud) for others.

All of this is to say that, while my weekend wasn't bad, it was tiring.  I woke up this morning feeling like I needed 6 more hours of sleep (and I had already had 8).  I also woke up wishing that I didn't have to go to work; that I could just stay home and knit.

Speaking of knitting!  I have about 7" knit of the body of my sweater.  So, I'm more than half-way through the body!  I'm knitting it in the round up to the armhole shaping.  Then the armhole shaping will be knit flat, for the front and the back.  Once that's finished, I'll sew the shoulder seams together and then knit the sleeves (top down) in the round.  I'm so excited to (soon) have a second hand-knit sweater!


  1. I think my tiredness isn't the socializing, I think it's the single parent syndrome. As a single parent, I am in charge of everything from toilet paper to clothes and I am on call 24/7 even though my son is 20. Being 'on' all the time is tiring, too tired for socializing or much of anything else sometimes.

  2. I'm a single parent too, so I feel you on the being on call & being tired. :-)