Rhinebeck Bus Trip 2014

Monday, October 21, 2013

Rhinebeck 2013

This was my first time attending the New York State Sheep & Wool Festival in Rhinebeck, NY (known simply as, Rhinebeck).  I have attended the MD Sheep & Wool Festival (which occurs in May), but never Rhinebeck.

This year, we decided to make a weekend trip of Rhinebeck.  My mom, daughter & I stayed at a hotel in Mahwah, NJ Friday night & Saturday night, and we attended the sheep & wool festival Saturday. 

There were a ton of people (I've heard that there were 42,000 there on Saturday):

Rhinebeck occurs in the Fall (which I love), so there were pretty trees:
And lots of leaves:
My daughter (who is not into fiber arts), said that she had fun.  I suspect it was because she had some spending money & could buy whatever she wanted to buy.
In this picture, she has on the karmic balancing gift I won this past summer from the Yarn Harlot.  It was woven just for me by Rowan Martindale.  It is a blend of merino, bamboo and silk.  It's beautiful!  It kept Kyra warm (she didn't pack enough cool weather clothing).
I found beautiful yarn at the Miss Babs stand.  I will create a sweater pattern on the Custom Fit website & knit a sweater from the yarn.  I waited in line for this yarn for an hour.  The upside to the wait?  I had a chance to talk with and get to know the people in line around me, and Miss Babs staff walked along the line offering Hershey's Kisses to people waiting.  Thankfully, my Mom & daughter learned of this line while I was still in the booth selecting yarn.  My mom got in line for me, and my daughter waited at the entrance to the booth to tell me that my mom was in line.
And finally, this is a picture that I took as we were on our way out of the fairgrounds:


  1. I think that lovely yarn was worth waiting for! I've never been to Rhinebeck; maybe some day I'll work up enough nerve to brave 42,000 people all looking for yarn.

  2. Bonny, I finished my swatch of the yarn last night, soaked & blocked it, and I can tell you that it WAS worth waiting in line for an hour.

    I totally feel you about the 42,000 people. By the end of the day, I was feeling a little punchy from having people around me all the time, everywhere I went. It was worth it, though. And it helped that those people were fellow fiber artists. There wasn't a lot of pushing or irritation or impatience.

  3. It was so wonderful to meet you on Miss Babs' line at Rhinebeck! Today I took pictures for my blog and found the festival guide with your information (thank goodness!), so I can now keep up and keep in touch! See you at Rhinebeck next year - hopefully on a line shorter than the hour!