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Friday, October 11, 2013

Fifteen on Friday

I know that the post is usually "Ten on Tuesday", but it's Friday, and I feel like doing a list-type post.  So we have Fifteen on Friday.  The fifteen will be fifteen things I carry in my purse.  I'll group some things that are similar because, well, I have way more than 15 items in my purse at any given time.  Here are things I always have in my purse:

1. Wallet.  I carry a Vera Bradley purse (they have lots of pockets, so you're able to organize your items).  My wallet matches my purse.  I am currently using the Glenna bag, in the Heather pattern.
2.  Water bottle.  I always carry my water bottle with me.  It easily fits into my purse.  I use the Brita hard sided water bottle (in purple).
3.  Knitting.  Duh! 
4.  Medical things:  Advil, Tylenol, glucose tablets, prescription meds (I keep a fews day's worth in a mini Altiods tin), essential fatty acid supplement (in another mini Altoids tin), a Ziplock bag with cough drops.
5.  Keys:  my personal keys, my work keys, a key card to get into work, and my work ID badge.
6.  A mini eyeglass tool kit.
7.  A piece of a chop stick with some duct tape wrapped around it (you never know when you'll need some duct tape).
8.  A tape measure.
9.  Several pens and highlighters.
10.  Health & Beauty Aids:  Q-Tips, solid lotion bar, Everything Balm, floss picks, eye drops, lip balm, compact, hair ties, tweezers, lip gloss.
11.  Blue Tooth hands-free earpiece.
12.  my phone & it's charger cord
13.  a Ziplock bag with chia seeds and one with facial tissues
14.  mints and candy
15.  a spandex wrist support

These are the things I always have in my purse.  Sometimes I have more things (papers, pay stubs, toys, extra paper), depending on where I'm going & who I'm going with.

What do you carry in your purse??

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