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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Ten on Tuesday

This week's Ten on Tuesday was a hard one for me.  I'm just not a very exciting person.  The topic is:  10 Things You Love To Do On An Extra Day Off (such as a holiday, or a personal day, or a snow day).  Here are mine...

1.  Sleep in.  Sleeping in, to me, simply means that I can wake up whenever I want, without an alarm.  I hate alarms!  Having said this, if it's a day that I have off but my daughter has school, I don't get to sleep in - the joy of being a single parent.  This happens several times throughout the year with holidays.  My job has off on Federal holidays.  My daughter's school does not close for Columbus Day, or Veteran's Day.  But then, there are many days that she has off that I don't.

2.  Knit.  Unless it's summer.  We have no air conditioning in our house.  The last thing I want to do in 90+ degree (with 70%+ humidity) weather is touch fiber.

3.  Read.  I always enjoy reading!  I have the Kindle app for my phone, so I often read books on it.

4.  Sit in Lancaster County Central Park.  This is not a playground-type park (although there are a few playgrounds in it), but a woods-type park.  There are plenty of spots to park.  There's a river that runs through part of the park.  One can almost always find a quiet spot that's free of other people.  I like to read and/or knit in the park.  Sometimes my daughter & I go & have lunch (and read).  She's a reader too.

5.  In the summertime, I try to find a place with A/C that I can spend a few hours in.  This may be the movie theater, or a store, or a friend's house, or a restaurant.

6.  Draw.  I like to draw mandalas.  Sometime I'll post pictures of some of the ones I've drawn.

7.  Dye yarn.  I haven't dyed any yarn in a long time, but it's something I enjoy doing.

8.  Get things ready for an upcoming vacation (if we have an upcoming vacation). 

9.  My other reasons for days off are usually because someone (me or my daughter) is sick, or someone's having surgery (usually my mom), or there's a funeral or something like that.  So, not really fun things, but they are things that I use my paid time off for.

10.  I really don't have a 10th thing.  Mainly, I like to knit and read, and relax by myself. 

What things do you love to do on days off?


  1. Like you, I like to wake up whenever, and wear my pajamas as far into the day as possible. I like to cook what I want to eat, and knit, spin, watch TV and nap whenever. Also, everything I like to do involves having coffee.