Rhinebeck Bus Trip 2014

Thursday, October 24, 2013

A New Sweater

Tuesday night, I finished the swatch I made with the Miss Babs Yowza yarn I bought at Rhinebeck.  I soaked it and blocked it.  Yesterday (Wednesday) it was ready to measure.  So I measured and weighed it.  Then I entered all that information into the Custom Fits website & created a sweater pattern.  This is the second pattern I've created using Custom Fits.  I LOVE it!

Custom Fits is free to use.  You can save profiles with body measurements (the site tells you what & how to measure).  You can also save swatch data (weight of the swatch, yarn used, needle used, stitches per inch, rows per inch, etc.).  When you're ready, you can create a pattern.  You decide things about the sweater type (pullover, cardigan, vest), the sweater length, the sleeve length, the neck style, how the sweater fits (average, close, loose) and more.  Once you're satisfied with your sweater, you can purchase the pattern.  The pattern price is $9.99.  The pattern will save to your account on the Custom Fit site, and I believe you can also save it to Ravelry.  The site generates a pattern that will fit you, exactly.  It does all of the math for shaping and lengths.  All you do is follow the instructions, and knit your perfect sweater.  It's very exciting!

Last night I cast on for my new sweater!  I am making a pullover sweater.  When you create a pullover pattern, you have the option of knitting the sweater in pieces (back, front, 2 sleeves), or you can knit it "Mostly Seemlessly" - which means that you knit in the round to the armholes, knit the armhole shaping flat, sew the two shoulder seams, and then knit the sleeves (top-down) in the round.  I have decided to knit my sweater mostly seamlessly.  I did take a picture last night of my cast on, but that's a pretty boring picture, so I'm not posting it today.  Just know that the yarn is SO beautiful and is so soft!  I'm excited about a new sweater!

Maybe I'll have some pictures tomorrow. 


  1. I think I purchased the book Fit to Flatter, but I never heard of the Custom Fits. If I ever make myself another sweater I'm going to consider designing my own. I'd be tickled pink to get a sweater where the sleeves aren't too short, the back too narrow and the front too big! LOL

  2. The Custom Fits site is great. It does all the math for you & the pattern is so easy because the only sweater size listed is yours. You don't have to make sure you picked the right numbers throughout the pattern. I also love it because I usually like 3/4 length sleeves. Custom Fit allows me to create a sweater with the features I like/want. You can add any stitch pattern that you want to your sweater. I'm starting with just plain sweaters (stockinette stitch except for the waist band, the neck band and the sleeve ends).